Why is Teen Acne Becoming a Common Issue Today?

Believe it or not, but acne strikes teens far more often compared to anyone else. This is typically due to the increased hormonal changes which take place during the teen years. For most teens, puberty takes affect between the ages of twelve and sixteen and this is what causes teen acne. All the extra hormones in the body account for the increased hormonal levels in the blood stream. Both male and female teens experience similar issues when it comes to teen pimple. Fortunately, you can treat this skin condition with the right type of oral medications and ointments.

Additionally, several other factors account for why many teens experience pimples problem during this age period. Some of the reasons include the use of makeup, the foods you eat and physiological reasons. Let’s take a look at each of these factors and see how you might be able to cure your skin condition by making some changes to your lifestyle.

The Use of Makeup – As you know, makeup does play an important role in the pimple development, as well as the constant growth of acne spots. You will know for sure about whether you have acne caused by makeup by comparing the areas of your face where you apply makeup. If there are new spots in a particular area of your cheek, it could be due to the foundation or blushes that you may be applying. By changing the makeup products you are using or by finding acne-free makeup; you’d be able to find something more beneficial.

Types of Food You Eat – The foods you eat could add to the teen acne condition you may be experiencing. The underlying cause of the condition may be different, but the food types you are eating could play a role in helping the problems get worse. Several fatty oils and foods tend to heighten the affects of acne. After you begin eating something new, you will begin to notice that there are more spots than before. By avoiding fatty foods and large amounts of milk, you’d be able to keep the condition under control.

Physiological Factors – Just like we mentioned previously, the condition is brought upon by hormonal changes in the body. These hormones actually help to elevate the efficiency of oil-producing glands. This in turn causes more oil to stay within your skins and cause acne like conditions. In order to cure acne, you would have to begin using acne medications such as antibiotic tablets or creams. As the dead skin cells are removed from the surface of your skin, these medications would help alleviate the redness on your skin.

In finding proper medications for your condition, make sure that you choose products that are side-effect free. A few acne creams and oral medications have been known to cause side effects and this can be a serious problem for some of you. With the numerous cases where people have been seen with side effects, some companies have started formulating new type of creams that work with no chemical additives.

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