When Does Acne Start in Pregnancy?

While being pregnant, a woman experiences tons of hormonal imbalances and it may be causing conditions such as pimples, anxiety and stress. Learning to cope with your stress level is important during pregnancy, as it could relate directly to the development of acne. One of the primary reasons why woman can have pimple problem on her pregnancy is because there is an increase of hormonal juice in the bloodstream. This increase in hormonal juice causes pimples to appear as well as other health conditions. Having pregnancy acne is completely normal and you need to remember that it will go away with time. A few weeks after giving birth, all the pimples and the marks will slowly start to diminish.

When you do start developing this condition while pregnant, you need to make sure that you are not picking it. Avoid touching the affected area or even using any medications, as you don’t know its side effects. When you’re carrying a baby, you can never be too careful about using new forms of medications. Treating this skin problem is not easy but it is doable. You can treat acne on pregnant women with the use of natural herbal treatments. Natural remedies are best for a pregnant woman, as its effective and safe, without any sign of side effects. Since there are no chemical additives in this natural medication, you can use it without worrying about any harm. Most notably, you should avoid using any acne creams that contains benzoyl peroxide.

Being pregnant would give rise to tons of hormonal secretions and this in fact would create stress. As you build up stress and anxiety, there will be more hormones let out into the bloodstream. Staying calm and relaxed while pregnant is important for a successful birth. During this period, you not only need to look over your own health but that of the baby as well, so you never should be eating or using new medications. Even if you are going to be using a holistic remedy on your pimple marks, it should be consulted with your doctor prior to use. Knowing that pregnancy acne goes away with time, you would be able to have a healthy birth after which, you would work on removing your acne scars.

A common type of acne treatment during pregnancy is Erythromycin, which is quite effective and not harmful to the growing baby. This is sold in the form of a topical cream which should be applied on a clean skin surface, twice daily. Before using any type of creams it is important for you to wash your face with warm water. This would help with opening up your pores, so that the applied cream could work effectively. For blemishes, you could use natural treatment such as tea tree oil. Eating right during pregnancy would also be very beneficial for both your acne condition and health. Fruits and vegetables are a must have for pregnant women, as it nourishes the baby and supplies enough nutrients for the growth of new skin cells.

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