Using Photopneumatic Therapy for Treating Acne Vulgaris

In certain situations, some treatment options are made for one particular condition or health issue, but that same treatment may be able to cure another known condition. The same could be said about photopneumatic therapy, which was first developed to treat aged skin as well as damage caused by the sun. Sun damage is a major issue for some people, as they refrain from using sunscreen, which ends up hurting their skin at a very bad angle. In recent years, researchers have found that this procedure could be used to treat acne vulgaris, which is a common type of acne condition, most often seen during the teen years.

Such treatment using laser has been in use for several years now, but the results are not always accurate or consistent. The treatment may work to cure acne in one person, but the next person may see absolutely no results. Surely, this is due to the sensitivity of their skin. Even though we are only using light based method, it does not mean that we can simply use it at any intensity we wish possible. Extreme laser treatments are not meant to be used for prolonged periods of time, as it could seriously cause some damage to the skin tissue. Since this procedure has been identified to cure the vulgaris type, many researches are looking into the efficiency of using this option.

The research conducted was actually tested in acne vulgaris prone patients, who had a mild to severe condition. This specific treatment was given four times throughout a period of eight weeks. The treatment was given using the identified therapy along with pressure and oral medications. A weekly analysis was completed between patients to see just how effective the entire process worked out. Overall, the researchers were able to see a progressive reduction in the number of lesions, which suggested that the remedy method did work at one extent. The people who had severe vulgaris case were the ones who experienced the greatest level of results.

Today, photopneumatic procedure is used by a number of clinics around the world, which helps cure pimples, mostly for the vulgaris type. The treatment plan is devised into several sessions, as not everything is done in one single sitting. You will be asked to attend several sessions before you actually begin to see any results on your skin. The extent to which you see potential results will be quite different from one person to the next, so you should really think about the procedure and how it could help you. As seen with past studies, people who experienced severe pimples problem saw an increased effectiveness in the treatment.

Another known solution that is sometimes accompanied with the therapy is the use of pimple cream or antibiotic. The antibiotic medication is taken orally and it helps with the swelling and redness you may be experiencing from the therapy. When you’re going through with photopneumatic therapy, just take all the health benefits and risks into account.

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