Treating Acne Scars with Laser Surgery

acne scar laserThe past five years have been a breakthrough for the acne market, as new laser surgery treatments have been developed, which helps remove acne scars and marks. Even after you’ve completely cured the skin problem, it may still have left marks behind. In order to remove acne marks, many people have tried and recommended this advanced treatment for scars. Despite its hefty costs, it has been proven to work efficiently in removing the unwanted scars. In knowing how this method works, you’d be better able to understand whether it is a good option for you.

Laser surgery treatment for acne scars work by shinning a high-beam laser beam at the affected skin regions. The area that is affected by pimples is covered by damaged skin tissues, which have oil glands and clogged pores underneath. The laser beam is able to burn off this top layer of skin tissue, by stopping further oil gland activity and potentially limiting the growth of bacteria’s. Even though treatment only takes a half an hour or less, the complete affects of the surgery would be witnessed over three to four weeks. It is important to stay out of the sun for the few weeks after you’ve done with the treatment since UV light isn’t such a helper in this department.

When it comes down to laser surgery for acne, there are two types that you could consider for your condition. The first type is known as resurfacing while the other is non-ablative surgery. In most cases, people often resort to laser resurfacing, as it helps remove the affected skin area, allowing new skin to grow over it. By doing this, you would not even be able to notice that you once had pimple. As the new skin grows over, it would be completely acne scar free. Now, depending on the severity of your skin and problem condition, a more specific laser treatment would be used.

For less severe skin disorder conditions, dermatologists would recommend that you use non-ablative treatment. One of the causes for this skin disorder is the increased production from the sebum glands and this is what this treatment works to target. By heating the sebum gland with a high energy laser beam; production would essentially slowdown and limit the signs of acne. Within a few weeks, you would notice that all the scars have been removed and that the whole process came with little to no side effect.

Depending on the affected areas and the amount of treatments you need, it may require more than one treatment session. This obviously increases the involved costs, but for some people who have severe skin problems this method could be exactly what they need to boost their appearance and self-esteem. Living in a bubble just because you have those marks on your face is not something many people would agree with nowadays, especially with all the acne treatments available in the market. Before going through with acne surgery, you should consult with your family physician and dermatologist to get information about the procedure and potential side effects.