How Well Do Over the Counter Acne Medications Work?

otc acne medicationWhen someone is suffering from pimple problems, the first thing they would think of doing is to purchase an over the counter acne medication. Not only is it unsafe to try new medications without getting information on side effects, but it is always best to reply on the medical advice of a dermatologist. OTC acne medicines don’t always provide the best form of treatment, as they are purely manufactured from chemical and preservatives. These additional chemicals make things much worse for you, as your skin is not used to all the chemical additions.

By understanding what goes on at the cellular level, you would be able to choose a better acne treatment. When someone does have pimples problem or any other skin condition; it is usually brought upon by the things your skin is exposed to. The environment plays a big role in the overall condition you may have developed. When you do have pimples, it is important that you avoid using chemical makeup solutions. There are now some new acne-free makeup products available for people, as there have been numerous health concerns with makeup solutions that contain parabens.

One thing you need to look for in purchasing acne medicine is that they include benzoyl peroxide. This is a fully organic product that comes in either gel or cream form and is to be applied to the affected areas. It is recommended that the concentration of the acne cream be 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. If the treatment has not done anything or shows very little improvement, you could try another concentration that is one level higher, typically 5%. Before using these type of medications, you need to first test the cream on another skin area to see if you experience any negative effects.

Side effects of OTC acne medications include skin redness, itchiness, burning and peeling. Benzoyl peroxide is a great acne treatment because it first helps remove the affected skin area, by allowing for increased skin turnover. Overall, the medication removes a larger number of bacteria’s, so you are not only treating the condition, but you are actually preventing new pimple spots from developing. Pimples are the most common issue that comes with acne and many people start popping them. Even though there are people that tell you that you could pop the pimple the right way; it is advised that you don’t. Every time you pop a pimple, it opens up the skin region and allows more infections and bacteria to get in.

So, to recap, you always need to make sure to test the medications before using them. Something that you could do to make sure that you do not develop any potential negative effects is to talk to your dermatologist about the various side effects from each type of acne medication. Benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin are a form of antibiotics that work extremely well for acne, but that is only true if you really follow all the steps outlined in your prescription.