Find Out How to Remove Black Spots

remove black spotsTreating acne and making sure that it does not appear again is very tough, especially when your condition is said to be severe. One of the most irritating aspects of dealing with this condition is that, some of you may develop black spots. Black spots are harder to get rid of, as they are not the pimple itself, but the visible sign indicating that it was there. In removing the spot, you need to avoid as much sunlight as you can. Many people are unaware of the effects of sunlight and it really becomes a problem for some people. When you have acne, sunlight should be avoided or you should wear sunscreen lotion.

A number of acne treatments are available which help with removing black spots caused by acne. You can choose from natural treatments or conventional topical creams that help remove those spots. The following are some effective methods you can use in getting rid of the spots caused by pimples.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is an effective and active ingredient used in many skin treatments. If you have damaged skin, Aloe Vera is one substance that you should make sure to use. As the dead cells are removed, this substance would be able to help rebuild new cells. As the new cells form, it would remove any spots that were once there. Before using Aloe Vera treatment, you need to thoroughly wash your face with warm water.

Lemon Treatment – A natural way to remove the spot on your skin is by using lemon juice. Lemon is used for numerous other skin conditions as well, especially because it is a natural bleaching agent. If you apply lemon to the affected area and let it sit for a couple of minutes each day, it would help remove black spot caused by pimple. Additionally, some people choose to drink lemon juice as well, since it works from within the layers in your skin.

Yogurt – You may have heard about this natural treatment which could be done at home. In a small dish, mix up some yogurt and lemon juice and apply the mixture to your face or affected areas. Over time, you will start to see the slowdown of pimples and the removal of the marks. This needs to be done for several weeks before you begin to notice any notable change.

Extrapone Nutgrass – For over a century, people have used extrapone nutgrass for several skin conditions, including aging spots. Over time, you will see that the herb actually clears your skin to make it look far cleaner and whiter. It is also helpful in the black spot removal and you’d have clear skin all over again!

Castor Oil – A popular way to remove acne and the marks is to use castor oil on them. Every day, right before going to bed; apply some castor oil to the pimples. Follow through on this routine for several weeks and you would be able to notice a tremendous amount of difference in how you look.