Benzoyl Peroxide – An Active Ingredient in Acne Cream

benzoyl peroxideIf you take a look at most of the acne treatment products available in the market today; you would notice that a very large number of creams and lotions are made with benzoyl peroxide. With treating skin conditions such as pimples, all you really need is acne lotions that contain this substance as the active ingredient. There are other forms of treatments that help with curing this skin disroder as well, but they do not all contain the same ingredients. Among those creams, you could choose from lotions, cleansers and gels. You can treat the condition with topical creams or oral medications, as it really depends on how severe your condition is.

When you have pimple problems, it happens in your pores where there is very little to no oxygen content. Acne creams and lotions that have it on the ingredients would work by letting oxygen into your pores, which would essentially stop further spots from breaking out. The bacteria’s that are responsible for causing this skin condition don’t survive in a highly oxygen rich environment and this is why such creams work best at treating this common skin condition. Even when your acne condition has slowed down, it is still important to be using the cream as it would prevent new marks from forming.

The best way to treat acne with the use of this type of cream is to use it all the time, without missing any days in between. When you are working with an acne treatment, it is also important that you make hygiene a high priority. Washing your hands and face with water before applying any sort of cream or lotion is also very important. If you apply lotions on your face over the everyday makeup you wear, it would do no good. The best way to benefit from acne treatment is to completely wash your face down with warm water. This would get rid of all the dead skin cells and ensure that your pores are opened. Right after washing your face with warm water, you should apply the cream.

The dosage of the cream used is also another factor that goes into the treatment process. It is important when you are purchasing acne creams over the counter, rather than from a prescription. To start off, the concentration of this ingredient in the cream shouldn’t be over two and a half percent. For people who experience acne like conditions, they may have dry skin and high concentration amounts of this substance may not be the best idea. If using lower concentration creams seems to work efficiently; you could move it up a notch to get a more effective treatment.

Some of the side effects of benzoyl peroxide creams include flaking of the skin, dry skin and irritable skin. Before using the creams for the entire affected region, just try it on one spot to ensure that you are safe from the side effects. Most people are fine with using such creams, but it always pays to be on the safe side of things.