Acne Surgery

Severe forms of acne as well as scarring left by them that are long lasting can be successfully treated with the use of surgery. Acne surgery, performed by well qualified, board certified doctors, has been successful in ridding patients of unwanted skin legions and scarring. Four primary forms of surgery are used to repair the area damaged by the problem.

Cryosurgery involves applying liquid nitrogen on the skin to cause its destruction and allow new cells growth. Cryosurgery is a, relatively, low cost procedure that may range from $250 to $500.

Laser surgery involves the application of high intensity light to remove some old layers and provide for it the changes to develop new cells to grow. The surgeon that performs this type of procedure must be skilled to know the level of intensity required to treat your conditions. While the procedure provides permanent results after one treatment, it does offer some side effects. The treated area may burn or create an uneven skin tone. These effects are a direct result of the application process and they can be alleviated by seeking a trained surgeon. Laser resurfacing of specific areas may cost from $300 to $500. Full facial resurfacing may range from $1500 to $6000.

Chemical surgery, also known as chemical peels, involves the use of chemicals to remove damaged area and allow for new growth. Surgeons have a number of chemicals to choose from and must be responsible to choose the chemical that best suits your needs. Postoperative effects of this type of treatment may include red, irritated and flaking skin. These effects may last for several weeks. Chemical peels to specific regions of the affected part may range in cost from $100 to $700. Full facial procedures could range from $1500 to $200.

Excisional surgery involves the extraction and drainage of acne cysts. When this type of treatment is performed by a trained surgeon, in a sterile environment, the side effects, if any, are minimal, temporary scaring. If not properly performed, this treatment could lead to infection and a worsening of the problem. This Excision treatment procedure may range in cost from $300 to $400.

Each form of acne surgery requires the use of powerful chemicals, medications and instruments. These surgeries comes at a risk, however, when performed by trained and board certified doctors, these methods of treatment are effective and safe. All skin-altering methods offer the risk of uneven skin tones created by the new growth. A well-trained surgeon should be capable to reduce or eliminate this risk. The patient must be responsible to evaluate each risk and consider whether the following outweigh the risk of the procedure:

* The effect that problem is having on mental health: Has acne has left your skin, particularly the face, so severely scarred that you are anxious about going out in public?

* The severity of damage: Is the damage to your skin is so severe that, it causes persistent pain and discomfort?

* Financial constraints: Is the problem so severe that you would be willing to pay for surgery? This treatment may be considered as an elective procedure that is covered by your insurance.

* Medical advice: Are you prepared to do extensive research to locate the best qualified physician to evaluate your condition, answer your concerns and implement a safe surgical procedure? Not all doctors all created equally. You must seek a qualified physician that you feel confident with performing the complex procedures necessary for successful acne surgery.

As a note, all the prices mentioned above are not, and cannot be used as, standard. The involved costs will be vary depends on various factor such as the location (city, country), the exact condition of the problem, and many more.