Acne Scar Treatment

There are many effective methods of removing acne scars thanks to the advances in the treatment technology. Dermatologists may recommend several acne scar treatment or a single procedure, depending on the tissue condition and severity of the problem. A dermatologist will know which type of acne treatment to use to remove scars and to promote healing of the skin. Patients have different skin types and therefore a procedure will be tailored to their specific needs. Many of these treatments are effective and remove or minimize the scarring. As with any procedure, there are pros and cons.

Laser Treatments consist of using a laser beam/light pulses to resurface the epidermis layer, by burning the outer layer. This procedure is effective and less invasive than surgery. Once the damaged tissue is removed, the production of collagen is promoted. This effective method works depending the severity or depth of the scar. The procedure is an outpatient and is done with minor discomfort. However, this procedure can be costly and it may take several sessions, spread apart during months of waiting.

Saline injections are used to clear out the dead cells on the scars, new cells are able to establish connections once the dead cells are removed. The procedure is invasive, as you have to inject the saline solution in the facial area. The results are permanent, compared to temporary collagen and fat injections; however, you can get pigmentation of the skin as a result. This may result in uneven skin tone that is noticeable.

Chemical Peels offer another solution to acne scar and this treatment is non-invasive. Since chemicals act to get rid of the outer damage layer of skin, the treatment is effective in removing the marks, but may require several visits to remove more pronounced scars. Patients will have a quick recovery time, as this is an outpatient procedure. Compared to other more expensive methods this treatment for acne scar costs less, however patients will need more than one treatment. Some people may be allergic to the chemicals.

Dermabrasion is designed to remove the outer layer by using a rotating tool to remove the skin. It is more invasive than other scar removal treatments as it is scraped from the face and it takes some time for the exposed area to heal and to see the results. It is an intensive procedure, but effective. Depending on skin type/ethnicity, some people may experience uneven tone, inflammation, irritation, scabbing, breakouts, and swelling.

Surgery or punch graft is another method to remove scars. This is an invasive method in which a punch or tool is used to cut out the scar; the area is patched with new layer, and sutured. This requires hospital stay and recovery – a costly method, but effective for deep scars.

Other then those mentioned treatments above, you will also find various natural acne scar treatments. These natural remedies usually will take longer times before you can see the result. And just like other type of cures, different natural ingredient will probably give different outcome to us. The results will depend on various factors such as your age, hormonal, skin, and the scar actual condition, and various other factors.

On the other hand, these natural acne scars remedies will not give you any side effects that will risk your overall skin condition. Unless, of course, if you have an allergy to one of the ingredients used on those treatments, which is a whole different story in this case. Another advantage of these homemade acne scar cures is the cost. You will not need to spend a lot of money to get your scars cured using these natural remedies. Many times you can even find the ingredients on your kitchen.

So, which treatments for acne scars you will take to help you removing those unwanted marks on your face? No matter which one, make sure you consult about it first with your doctor.